Science: Advancing Knowledge To Optimize Quality Care for Families

Scientific discovery is crucial to addressing children’s mental health at an early age. Prevention and early intervention can dramatically alter a child’s trajectory. Our clinical research programs are guided by responding to needs of those who we are fortunate to serve and improving upon our delivery of services. We partner with research groups, such as the BLESSED Research Group, to ensure culturally sensitive and responsive practices are utilized.

The IECMH program is a collaboration with the Early Childhood Innovation Network (ECIN). Founded by Dr. Matt Biel and Dr. Lee Beers, ECIN programs work across sectors to support caregivers to provide healthy foundations for young children. Using rapid-cycle quality improvement, ECIN provides essential input on community needs based on projects that are community-driven. Through collaboration with ECIN programming, the Early Childhood Program is able to provide quality services sensitive to the community’s needs and a process for continuous evaluation.

Here are a few projects currently underway:

  • Dr. Erica Coates and Dr. Emily Aron received a MGUH Department of Psychiatry Pilot Grant for a study titled “Addressing Attrition and Mental Health Care Disparities: A Pilot Study of PCIT Assessment with Black Families.” This funding will help to explore potential adaptations of the assessment process to provide culturally sensitive and relevant care.
  • Dr. Liz Desmeusy was accepted into the 2023 Training Institute for Research in Child Abuse and Neglect that takes place this January in New York City. This is a weeklong multidisciplinary training that is centered around child abuse and neglect research, with ongoing collaboration and mentorship for proposed research related to this topic. She will be identifying ways to incorporate this training into the work she is currently doing with the Early Childhood Program.

We know that supporting families is crucial for early childhood development. Dr. Amalia Londoño Tobón is currently working on projects to improve access to mental health services for families during the preganncy and post-partum period.


Many of our clinicians have written scholarly articles, contributing vital insights to the field of infant and early childhood mental health. Click here to learn more (click on + sign for dropdown of list)

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