Janice Krupnick

Selected Publications

  • Krupnick, J.L., Green, B.L., Amdur, R., Alaoui, A., Beloui, A. et al. (In press). “An online writing intervention for Veterans with PTSD, Psychological Trauma: Theory, Research, Practice, and Policy.”
  • Krupnick, J.L., Melnikoff, S.E., Reinhard, M. (2016). “A pilot study of Interpersonal psychotherapy for women Veterans, Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes.” 79(1): 56-68.
  • Freed, M.C., Novak, L.A., Kilgore, W.D.S., Rauch, S.A.M., Koehlmoos, T.P., Ginsberg, J.P., Krupnick, J.L., Rizzo, A., Andrews, A., Engel, C.C. (In press). “IRB and research regulatory delays within the military healthcare setting: Do they really matter? And if so, why and for whom?.” The American Journal of Ethics.
  • Krupnick, J.L. (2014). “Therapeutic alliance with trauma survivors.” In Murphy E. (ed.). The Therapeutic Relationship and Trauma, Oxford University Press, London.
  • Krupnick, J.L. (2013). “Commentary on interpersonal therapy with parenting enhancement does not reduce depression symptoms in low-income mothers compared with control, Evidence Based Mental Health.” 14(4): 120.
  • Krupnick, J.L. & Melnikoff, S.E. (2012). “Psychotherapy with low-income patients, Journal of Contemporary Psychotherapy: Special Issue: Working with Financially Impoverished Clients.” 42(1): 7-15.
  • Hooper, L.M., Stockton, P., Krupnick, J.L. & Green, B.L. (2011). “The development, use, and psychometric properties of the Trauma History Questionnaire, Journal of Loss and Trauma: International Perspectives on Stress and Coping.”
  • Krupnick, J.L. (2010). “PTSD in Palestiniana: Reactions to a study.” Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes.
  • Krupnick J.L., Green, B., Miranda, J., Stockton, P., Krause, E. & Mihre, M. (2008). “Interpersonal psychotherapy for low-income women with PTSD.” Psychotherapy Research. 18(5): 497-507.
  • Krupnick, J.L. & Green, B. (2009). “Psychoeducation for PTSD: A paucity of evidence, Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes.”
  • Kudler, H., Krupnick, J.L., Blank, A., Herman, J. & Horowitz, M. (2008). “Psychodynamic therapy for adults, In: Effective Treatments for PTSD.” 2nd edition. Foa, E., Keane, T., Friedman, M. & Cohen, J., Eds. Guilford Publications, New York.
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  • Green, B.L., Krupnick, J.L., Stockton, P., Goodman, L., Corcoran, C., Petty, R. (2005). Effects of adolescent trauma exposure on risky behavior in college women, Psychiatry. 68(4): 363-835.
  • Revicky, D.A., Dissique, J., Frank, L. Chung, J.Y., Green, B.L., Krupnick, J.L., Prasad, M., Miranda, J. (2005). “Cost-effectiveness of evidence-based pharmacotherapy or cognitive behavior therapy compared with community referral for major depression in predominantly low-income minority women.” Archives of General Psychiatry. 62; 868-875.
  • Krupnick, J.L., Green, B., Stockton, P., Goodman, L., Corcoran, C. Petty, R. (2004). “Mental health effects of adolescent trauma exposure in a female college sample: Exploring differential outcomes based on experiences of unique trauma types and dimensions.” Psychiatry: Interpersonal and Biological Processes.  67(3): 264-279.
  • Miranda, J., Chung, J., Green, B., Krupnick, J.L., Siddique, J. Revicki, D., Belin, T. (2003). “Treating depression in predominantly low-income young minority women: A randomized controlled trial.” Journal of the American Medical Association. 290(1): 57-65.

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