Erin Mathis

Selected Publications

  • Lever, N., Mathis, E. T., & Mayworm, A. (In Press). School Mental Health is not Just for Students: Why Teacher and School Staff Wellness Matters. Journal of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders. Bierman, K.L., Welsh, J.A., Heinrichs, B.S., Nix, R.L., & Mathis, E.T. (2015). Helping head start parents promote their children’s kindergarten adjustment: The research-based developmentally informed parent program. Child Development, 1-15. 
  • Mathis, E.T., & Bierman, K.L. (2015). Effects of parent and child pre-intervention characteristics on child skill acquisition during a school readiness intervention. Early Childhood Research Quarterly, 33, 87-97. 
  • Mathis, E.T., & Bierman, K.L. (2015). Dimensions of parenting associated with child prekindergarten emotion regulation and attention control in low-income families. Social Development, 24(3), 601-620. 
  • Parker, A. E., Kupersmidt, J. B., Mathis, E. T., Scull, T. M., & Sims, C. (2014). The impact of mindfulness education on elementary school students: Evaluation of the Master Mind program. Advances in School Mental Health Promotion, 7(3), 184-204. 
  • Parker, A., Mathis, E.T., & Kupersmidt, J. (2013). How is this child feeling? Preschool-aged children’s ability to recognize emotion in faces and body poses. Early Education and Development, 24(2), 188-211. 
  • Welsh, J.A., Bierman, K.L., & Mathis, E.T. (2013). Parenting programs that promote school readiness. In M. Boivin and K. Bierman (Eds.) Promoting School Readiness and Early Learning: The Implications of Developmental Research for Practice (pp. 253-278). New York: Guilford Press.
  • Bierman, K., Mathis, E.T., & Domitrovich, C. (2018). Serving the Needs of Young Children with Social, Emotional, and Behavioral Needs: A Commentary. School Mental Health, 1-10.

In Preparation …

  • Mathis, E.T., & Bierman, K.L. Bidirectional processes linking maternal depression, parenting practices, and child oppositional-aggressive behavior in middle childhood.
  • Mathis, E.T., Vivrette, R., & Kiser, L. The physiology of stress and emotion regulation in parent-child dyads: Moderating effects of traumatic stress and parenting quality.
  • Mathis, E.T., Hartz, K., Domitrovich, C., & Biel, M. Early Childhood Mental Health Consultation: Outcomes from a Quasi-Experimental Evaluation in 3-5 year old Classrooms in Low-Income Neighborhoods

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