Center for Trauma and The Community

Our History

The Research Division also known as Center for Trauma and the Community.

The Georgetown Center for Trauma and the Community (CTC) was an interdisciplinary research center housed in the Department of Psychiatry, and focused on improving the mental health of low-income individuals and families in the Washington DC metropolitan area exposed to highly stressful and traumatic events, such as physical or sexual assault and abuse, life-threatening accidents, violent loss, war, and immigration-related trauma. 

Directed by Bonnie L. Green, PhD, it operated from 2004 – 2016, and was initially funded by an NIMH/NIH Developing Center grant to Dr. Green.  Associate Directors were Mary Ann Dutton, PhD, Stacey Kaltman, PhD, community partner Maria Rosa Watson, DDS, DrPH, and colleagues from the School of Nursing and Health Studies.  

Currently, the Center for Trauma and the Community is being re-envisioned as an interdisciplinary center for providing synergy between experts from behavioral health, medicine and law in research, clinical practice education/training.  

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