Celene Domitrovich

Selected publications

  • Pas, E., Bradshaw, C., Becker, K., Domitrovich, C.E., Berg, J., Muschi, R. & Ialongo, N. (in press). “Identifying patterns of coaching to support the implementation of the Good Behavior Game: The role of teaching characteristics.” School Mental Health.
  • Oberle, E., Domitrovich, C.E., Meyers, D. & Weissberg, R.P. (in press). “Establishing systemic social and emotional learning approaches in school: The need for schoolwide implementation.” Cambridge Journal of Education.
  • Mihic, J., Novak, M., Hosman, C., Domitrovich, C.E. (in press). “Assessing the Quality of Mental Health Promotion and Prevention in Croatia: The Case of Istria.” Health Promotion International.
  • Domitrovich, C.E., Bradshaw, C.P., Berg, J., Pas, E., Becker, K., Musci, R. & Ialongo, N. (2016). “How Do School-based Prevention Programs Impact Teachers? Findings from a Randomized Trial of Combined Classroom Management and Social-Emotional Programs.” Prevention Science. 17, 325-337. DOI 10.1007/s11121-015-0618-z.
  • Torres, M.M., Domitrovich, C.E. & Bierman, K.L. (2015). “Preschool interpersonal relationships predict kindergarten achievement: Mediated by gains in emotion knowledge.”  Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology. 39, 44-52.
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  • Reinke, W.M., Herman, K.C., Darney, D., Pitchford, J., Becker, K., Domitrovich, C.E. & Ialongo, N. (2012). “Using the Classroom Check-Up model to support implementation of PATHS to PAX.” Advances in School Mental Health Promotion. 5, 220-232.
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  • Denham, S.A., Brown, C. & Domitrovich, C.E. (2010). ““Plays nice with others”: Social-emotional learning and academic success.” Early Education and Development. 21, 652-680.

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